Reebok needed to position the brand through the re-issue of the Classic 85 and Classic Vector shoes from the late 80's. Based on the proliferation on our platforms of micro influencing trends in fashion, we wanted to prove that we can refresh a brand by starting small with micro influencers from niche communities.
We decided to start a conversation with creators/influencers and we found an insight that comes across all Sneakerheads: obsession for keeping their sneakers white and stainless. We also found that the community was fully immersed in Retro Video game Culture: "people are embracing vintage tech, turning to 8-Bit video games... their fashion choices are falling in line with the 80's aesthetic"
We used that data to develop a Spark AR video game to be used by influencers to create content and generate awareness for this campaign.
That's how Reebok Respect the Icons was born: a Spark AR Video game with a retro style look in which players have to jump and avoid obstacles to keep their white shoes free from stains.
The Spark AR Game
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