Mamá Lucchetti is one of my most beloved projects and one that can really prove the power that creativity can have in business results.
In 2007 Lucchetti – a local food brand – wanted to deeply connect with real moms. After tons of research we concluded that real moms have a dark-humoristic side that happens to be really funny. We decided to highlight this and connect with them by showing this truth. And it worked. After the first year of campaign, Lucchetti was selected as the second food brand of Argentina. But not only that: we also receive awards, congratulations, moms anecdotes, millions of clicks, likes and shares, and a ton of recognition for it. I could speak for hours and hours about this project, the details, the tons of amazing work behind the spots, but I really don’t want to bore you.
It’s being 15 years since we launched this campaign, and it’s still rolling in Argentina. Mamá Lucchetti became a popular icon and everyone loves her and want to see more of her everywhere. And from the distance, I look at her as a proud mom too.
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