Warner Music needed to position the Reggaeton artist Blessd! among the Reggaeton community across LATAM and US Hispanics. They approached us requesting an interactive campaign focus on the use of an AR filter, but we decided to push them 10 steps forward and tap into the Metaverse leveraging Horizon Worlds.
Regions like LATAM are lagging in adoption of Metaverse ready devices like Quest, as these are expensive products for the standards of the region and not available in countries like Mexico and Colombia. Also apps like Horizon Worlds will take longer than in US and Europe to be rolled out.
Instead of just disregarding these new products, we found a workaround to help democratize the Metaverse in regions like LATAM and show clients how the audiences can experience it, right now, with the interactive tools available at the moment: We turned Horizon Worlds into a production tool to create video content for Blessd, filming the first Horizon World music videoclip for Latam.
In addition to the music video clip, we also filmed in Horizon all the necessary assets to create a promotional campaign for the music video in all the digital platforms.
This was the first project we build to test this approach that then turned into a scalable solution for more Latam brands eager to create PR stunts in Horizon Worlds.
Long format music video clip created completely in Horizon Worlds
Reels polls ads
Reels promo ads
Press & other media
AR filter (promoted through AR ad)
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