WhatsApp and Instagram help Belcorp digitalize their sales tools, and expand their consultant base by growing within communities.
Cosmetic consultants are a regular in most neighborhoods in Latam. Direct sales gives women the possibility to access a new source of income with the time flexibility they need. 
The sales model hasn't changed in decades: the consultant receives a paper catalog, and they reach out to their friends, neighbors and family to sell. Belcorp did a study to understand the digital profile of consultants which revealed that consultants use IG as their main advertising platform, and WA to talk to customers & close the sales, but they didn’t have the tools to do this right, or on brand.
We needed to disrupt their business in two ways:
1. Disruption in recruiting: the profile of the consultants on current recruitment ads need to expand if they want growth. They only portray the typical western beauty standard in their ads: white, blonde, skinny models, when many of their consultants are from diverse communities. Strategy: reach out to real, everyday women with strong presence in their markets.
2. Disruption in sales toolkit: Current user behavior shows that consultants needed tools to sell better digitally. Strategy: re-imagine what the consultant’s sales toolkit looks like in Instagram to promote products, and WhatsApp to close sales.
We've rebuilt their whole sales tool kits  to adapt to consultants needs, re-envisioning paper catalogs to fit into the platforms they use: WhatsApp and Instagram, providing them with tools that can adapt to the ways they sell instead of them adapting to the way the brands shows them selves.
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