I strongly recommend to see all the content on full screen.
eloan is another step further into the exploration of vertical videography and also sensation telling. When banks want to sell you a debt consolidation loan, they usually talk about how bad is to be immersed in debts and how guilty you got to feel about it. So instead of talking about debt, I created a campaign to show and celebrate the enjoyment of those guilty pleasures that we buy, and then took the audience through a full funnel journey for them to find a solution to that debt on eloan’s site.
By doing this, eloan shifted it’s position to be an enabler and not a judge. Eloan is here to help you solve your debt, that’s their job, and they are very good at it. So there is no reason to cry over spilled milk. You need to solve it, but you can enjoy your purchases while you do.

The launch of the campaign was through a classic branding execution.

We followed with a financial education piece of content explaining how debt consolidation works

And then we delivered a DR version with a clear call to action

We also created an extension of the campaign with assets filmed in a more organic way as UGC with a clear call to action.
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