Poker Beer wanted to bring friends together and create a fun moment for people to enjoy a beer.  The perfect theme for this was comedy: In a moment when everyone was scared and stressed because of COVID, this was a great community to tap into since people needed something that could make them all laugh.
In the client’s mind Youtube was better for Lives for its long content consumption behavior. We proposed them to do interactive FB Lives as well because we believe FB platform’s interactivity could boost viewership.
Most lives are a passive experience, lets leverage Facebook platform’s interactivity + community tools to make more than just the live. Poker created a social ecosystem of content around the Lives. With Comedians amplifying on their pages, Poker community page pushing content pre-lives (polls, videos, teasers), during lives (live voting), and post lives (recaps, polls, influencer posting).
The comedy community is huge in Colombia, tapping into this community lets us bring together a community that had mostly been ignored -- all of the content during COVID lockdown was about music, food, and wellness, but not comedy. Let’s challenge some of the country's most loved comedians to bring people together.
Hand to Hand is a show created by Poker that would create a Face-off competition between the best Colombian comedians to crown the best one.
The show relied on audience feedback by creating an interactive  ecosystem of assets that let the community react to the comedians’ jokes, vote pre show, comment, and decide the winner of the final match through Facebook Live Polls.
Our hypothesis: building up interactivity on our platforms drives viewership. Why watch a live somewhere where you don’t have interactivity when you can watch it on FB, where you interact with the show and have a say on the show’s outcome?
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