Thank's for dropping by. My name is Sebastián Santana. I am a born and raise Patagonian. A decade a go I decided to move to the US to start a new career path after spending more than 10 years working in the best advertising agencies in my country as a Creative Director. I was doing great down there, but curiosity was stronger than safety. So I moved to Miami to start working in the US hispanic market in The Community as Creative Director for some of their most valuable clients. But curiosity keep picking on me... After just 2 years of being there, Meta (it was Facebook, at that time) reached me to join their Creative Shop team because they where using Mama Lucchetti (one of my favorite projects) as an example of great use of the platform. So I joined them. I felt that there was something more, new, to learn in this career beside what I've already knew after all of those years.
And I was right. Every week that I've spent working in Meta was different than the one before (heck! I could say that even everyday was different). I learned about vertical cinematography, short format video, community generated content, AR filters, messaging bots, the power of copywriting in feed, content ecosystems, content creators, virtual reality, NFT's and so, so much more.
There is a huge opportunity in the intersection of brands, people and digital platforms. And me, being a migrant from traditional advertising spending years into this world, just got the tip of the tread of all of this.
So maybe, together, we can untangle a little bit more.
I hope you enjoyed my work. Thanks.
Sebastian Santana Bru