Opal needed to reach new consumers - an audience younger than 35 YO that they haven't explored yet - as the brand was perceived as a detergent for housewives in their 40s and up. They wanted to focus their efforts on Opal Ultra, their most effective stain remover.
We started from an observation: even though new generations are seeking for authenticity + un-edited content in Social Media, we also noticed the opposite behavior happening in parallel: millennials asking photoshop artists to fix personal photos that have been photobombed or ruined. These unwanted errors are "stains" that spoil our pics and prevent people to share them on FB or IG. We saw an opportunity there to solve that problem with Opal.
So we come up with a simple strategy: empower this community of "photostained victims" by inviting them to share their ruined photos , Opal will fix them so the victims can post the photos freely on their feeds: Instead of showing how the power of Opal Ultra works on your clothes, we decided to demonstrate it by helping you get rid of the stains in your photos.
By using Messenger we received photos from our community and got rid of the stains they asked us to remove, then we created a campaign with the best results to show what we've done together.
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